Frequently asked questions:

Who can enroll in the LSA afterschool program?

The LSA program only serves students attending the John Stanford International school. 

When will the afterschool program begin?

The afterschool program will begin on Sept. 1st for grades 1-5 and Sept. 9th for Kindergarteners. (This is the same as the school calendar)

What are the afterschool program hours of operation?

Hours of operation from 2:30pm - 6:00pm Monday through Friday. The program starts a little earlier on Wednesday to account for school getting out earlier. 

What policies and procedures are in place in response to COVID-19?

LSA follows the guidance provided by Washington State Department of Health and Seattle/King County Public Health Childcare Health Team as minimum safety and health precautions. Current guidance can be found here (DOH) and here (S/KCPH). In several instances we have modified these procedures to be more protective of student and staff health and to better align with the needs of the program.

Each of LSAs groups are isolated from one another, with dedicated classroom space, and no materials/resources shared between them. Each group consists of peers and classmates, one dedicated group leader and a support staff.

We engage in regular, enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures, and do not allow outside access to classroom spaces (i.e. parents or visitors in the classroom space).

How do I add people as emergency contacts or authorized for pick up in Smartcare?

First, you need to add an adult: 

Then you can make an adult a Pick-up Person or Emergency contact:

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